e-par History

e-par, a play on the term "environmental par" was developed by Terry Muir following golf's worst environmental crime that occurred on a golf course in Sydney, Australia. Our company Founder, Terry Muir was an investigative officer with the EPA at the time of this incident and investigated the circumstances that led to this horrible event. He dedicated the next 5 years to researching environmental best practice for golf, determined to do what he could to ensure there was no repeat of the Sydney incident. 

He completed his Masters Degree in Science and Technology and his major project was to develop a systems based environmental management program for golf. With his expertise in ISO 14001 he applied a golfing logic to developing an environmental management system(EMS). His innovation was to use a golfer and golf language to guide a Superintendent or Manager through the process of building an EMS. His "play golf to develop an environmental management system" innovation was captured in a web based on line tool he called e-par.

Terry then headed to Harvard University Executive Education School and completed the Golf Course Environmental Considerations and Golf Course Design programs to further his knowledge and refine his EMS tool. Upon return to Australia he released e-par to the Australian industry and in no time e-par was being formally recognized and awarded for environmental excellence by government agency's. e-par was also receiving international recognition with Professor Bob Carrow reporting e-par as the most advanced EMS in the world for golf.

With an eye for continual improvement Terry then set about making e-par even better. He incorporated the operations of the clubhouse and the golf pro to capture a complete facility wide approach to environmental sustainability. The only one of its kind in the world. He also included the capacity for e-par to monitor and report on a golf facility's environmental performance with a new database application embedded in e-par.

After 7 years of dedicated research Terry is most proud of e-par V2. It is the only golf specific EMS with facility wide application and performance reporting in conformance with the GCSAA and EIFG environmental performance goals. It is the complete golf course sustainability platform.