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Debbie Swartz - Great Lakes Area including MI,  IL,  OH.

Debra S. Swartz received her bachelor of science degree in geology from Michigan State University and began work with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources by conducting hydrogeological investigations. Her work contributed to the cleanup of contaminated groundwater and the protection of Michigan’s drinking water supplies. In 1998 Debbie began work with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and coordinated with the Michigan State University Turf Team as an adjunct outreach specialist to launch the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program. For the past 14 years, Debbie has worked with the turfgrass industry to reduce environmental risks and liabilities, increase compliance with environmental laws, protect water resources, conserve energy and increase overall environmental sustainability. She has been a GCSAA instructor for the past 10 years, teaching at the education conference and via webcast. Debbie is a world leader in the field of systems based environmental management and if your facility is in the north and north western parts of the USA you can contact debbie via email at

 James (Jim) Sluiter - Florida

 James (Jim) Sluiter is a professional ecologist and sustainability expert. For the past 5 years he served as Ecologist and Manager of  Audubon International's Cooperative Sanctuary Program. Jim has extensive experience providing environmental consultation and assistance  to golf course superintendents, sports facility managers, park professionals, and other large facility landscape sites around the world. Jim also spent 8 years working for the US Department of Interior as a National Park Ranger and environmental educator at National Parks and Historic Sites in Iowa, New York, Florida, Virginia, California, and Alaska. Jim holds a Bachelor's Degree from The State University of New York at Cortland and is currently a faculty member of The National Recreation and Parks Association's Green School. If you are located in the south east part of the USA and need environmental management advice or support you can contact Jim via email